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Recommended for home owners who want clean evenly colored stain resistant grout that never needs sealing. Also recommended for people suffering from allergies  who require a “greener” option for cleaning.
Be sure to check out our other Tile & Grout Cleaning Plans Master Clean and Always Clean  These plans include premium grade grout sealers to protet your surfaces from spills and stains, buffing,  furniture moving, discounts on other services, lots of free bonuses. Or simply call us for details.
Discount applies to services or products purchased in combination with tile & grout cleaning only.
Includes: • Complete Pre-Inspection • Move & replace most furniture • Heavy degreaser pre-spray • Power scrub surfaces • Edges and corners cleaned with    special tool • Heated clean water rinse • Grout restorer pre-spray • 2nd Power Scrub • Baseboard wipe Apply Color Sealer • Final buff • Clean-up & post inspection • 3 Year Warranty or 10 YEAR     with minimum biannual maintenance   cleaning • FREE Reminder Service • 10 % OFF care products or other     services • 25% OFF biannual maintenance    cleaning
Always Clean - Tile & Grout Cleaning Package
Always Clean
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