There are many companies that claim to do what we do. With the increased popularity of tile and natural stone, many janitorial and carpet cleaning companies have added stone, tile and grout as a way to increase their revenues. The stone, tile and grout restoration industry is one of the few industries that require little or no regulated training or certifications. Whether its natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile Stone & Grout Meister has the experience, expertise and the commitment to get the job done and get it right. Stone, tile & grout is all we do and nobody does it better.
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Our equipment and products are the most most advanced on the market and designed especially for stone, tile and grout.
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Active member of
Active member of
ERTIFIED Stone Inspector C
National Stone Restoration Alliance The leaders of the natural stone community committed to the education of the consumer and fellow members. Through the network of our members, we provide dedication to quality, service and lead the industry with our standards. Our mission is to provide quality natural stone care, restoration and maintenance through a network of qualified natural stone professionals.
Stone Repair Network The Stone Repair Network is dedicated to providing quality restoration, repair and maintenance through a network of stone repair professionals. Our network is committed to the education of both the consumer and the industry in the advancement of stone restoration.
Authorized Applicator for Aqua Mix Products Aqua Mix is a leading provider of innovative care products for natural stone, tile and grout. Aqua Mix Independent Applicators are specifically trained in the use of Aqua Mix products.
Certified Stone Inspector Certified in all aspects of natural stone including: The Geology of stone and marble, identification of different categories and subcategories of natural stone, physical and chemical testing, diagnosis of problems, stone restoration including grinding, refinishing and polishing, stain removal, and removal of lippage and field repairs.
Our company has a great reputation for professionalism and quality. Our long list of satisfied clients includes: home owners, interior designers, contractors and builders. Many stone & tile retailers, Realtor’s and Interior Decorators refer our service exclusively. Our commitment to clients, and our strict adherence to industry standards, has s made us highly recommended and respected in our industry. We are often called in to consult on, or finish a job when other companies experience problems. We’ve developed the reputation for “Getting it done and getting it right”.
Stone & Grout Meister holds multiple certifications and certificates from some of the most recognized stone, tile and grout authorities in North America such as: Certified Stone Inspector, Stone Forensics - Palm Bay, Fl Stone Restoration, Great Northern Stone – Ontario, Canada Authorized independent Applicator, Aqua Mix – Corona, Ca Top Polishing Expert Certificate, Stonehenge – Buffalo, NY and many more …
At Stone and Grout Meister we are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients. It’s our pledge that each service we provide will be of the highest possible quality.  To this end, we approach every job as if our entire future depended on the results…because it does.  When we leave a clients home, we want to do so with the knowledge that we’ve done our best, we’ve fulfilled their needs, and we’ve prepared them to care for their stone and tile surfaces in the future. If you are not completely satisfied, we will return at no charge to re-clean, seal, or polish the area of concern.
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